Your fully digital workspace

DIP Workspace is a cloud-based platform that combines all of your work tools and needs in one space, from to-do lists, reminders, to virtual desktops.

Perform better with seamless collaboration

Be more collaborative than ever. DIP Workspace provides a productive environment to drive team agility and performance.

Simplify your days while also maintaining team communication

DIP Workspace is built to keep you organized and steady no matter how hectic your day is.

Manage tasks with to-do lists

Keep track of all daily tasks you need to complete simply by creating a to-do list.

Set reminders for anything

Stay on top of what’s important and never miss your plans by setting up new reminders.

Stay connected with teams

Share ideas and join the conversation to brainstorm any projects with your teams.

Work together on cloud, anywhere, on any device

Experience the freedom and the flexibility of cloud computing remotely, regardless of your or teammates’ device specifications.

Boost workflow efficiency with virtual desktop

Simply deploy a single master of virtual desktop with OS and applications that suit your team’s needs. All team members can access it from any device they want.

Reduce costs using existing licenses

Use existing eligible licenses to reduce costs with a modern cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure. Overall, you only pay for what you use.

Shift to flexible remote work with ease

Flexible remote work is the future of business. DIP Workspace gives you all the tools to get started today and thrive in a world where mobility matters.

Start today – it’s easy

Manage all tasks in organized to-do lists

Set daily to yearly recurring reminders in seconds

Improve team communication and collaboration

Migrate work to the cloud with virtual desktop

Optimize costs with less physical equipment and maintenance

Everything you need for work. All in one place.

Hi There,

The newest version of our DIP Workspace 2.4.0 is here!