Access Workspace

Discover ways to plan your days with to-do lists, reminders, teams, and how to book virtual desktop sessions.

Create Virtual Desktop

a. Click + button on ‘Virtual Desktop’ tab.

b. Add name and description for your virtual desktop. Click ‘Find a Time’ and select time to make schedule. You can click ‘Add Group’ and select yours if you want to add group.

Click ‘Save’ to create yours.

Create New Team

a. Go to ‘Team’.

b. Click ‘Add’ button.

c. Add name, description, and color for your team. Click ‘Add’ afterward.

Create To-dos

a. Click + button on ‘To-Dos’ Tab.

b. Click ‘Add Task’.

c. Add title and description. Click ‘Add Task’ afterward.

Create Reminder

a. Click + button on ‘Reminder’ Tab.

b. Click ‘Remind me!’.

c. Add title, select time and set your notification. Click ‘Add Reminder’ afterward.

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