To-Dos, Team, and Reminder.

We’ve put together a few key updates that will help you manage your tasks better, collaborate with others, and ensure everyone is on the same track. To-Dos, Team, and Reminder are new DIP Workspace features that will help you get organized and stay productive, so you can stay on top of the big picture and manage your day more efficiently.


Create to-do lists to keep track of all your tasks and get more work done in less time. You can also view all the tasks that have been completed as well as those that are overdue. To-Dos will keep you stay focused and organized in the right way.


Collaboration is key in today’s world. But when your team is spread across different locations, it becomes harder to communicate and share ideas. With team Convo, you can boost collaboration, brainstorm ideas, and gain feedback while making sure every member is up-to-date and working towards the same goals.


Set up reminders for everything that requires your attention, and you’ll never forget anything again, whether it’s a team meeting, a friend’s birthday, or that major client presentation coming up next week. You can also set repeated reminders and customize the times when you want to be reminded.

Everything you need for work. All in one place.

Hi There,

The newest version of our DIP Workspace 2.4.0 is here!